Don’t Tease Me Bro! When Bands Leave Fans in Suspense

This summer has been nothing but stressful for the average music fan. A new trend of extreme publicity stunts are on the rise to generate hype around artists before new announcements. Solving these clues have turned most of us into secret IT agents, and it’s totally okay to feel like we’re on an unofficial episode of Pretty Little Liars at this point. But who is ‘A’?


The 1975

These British guys created worldwide buzz when they disappeared from all their social media sites – even starting rumors about a break up – back in June. Apart from leaving the signature black & white profile behind and turning into pink, not to mention the announcement of upcoming tours, we still have no idea what to expect next from The 1975. From the phenomenon surrounding the band, we’re sure it is going to be huge.


The Maine

Something’s ought to happen on July 15 (in two days!!) with The Maine. Its 100% not new music, because their American Candy album just came out – and what a great record it is! The one thing that is certain that they’ve been working on something for 5 years now, and it’s finally happening. It’s so secret, we weren’t given any more clues to guess!


5 Seconds of Summer

We’re half-way there figuring out what their #5ONTHEWALL thingy is for thanks to some genius minds in coding. Knowing how sneaky 5SOS can be, the suspense is both killing and entertaining at the same time, not to mention the spooky as hell website, with daily clues, they’ve set up for the matter. What we know so far is, their announcement is also coming on July 15 (going to be a busy day, there), and we might get a new single, that might be called “She’s Kinda Hot,” via BBC Radio 1 this Friday – maybe.


Bring Me The Horizon

Unique crosswords, codes, and images of an umbrella surfaced all over their social media sites (and cities around the world) recently, which all lead up to yesterday’s premiere and release of the new single “Happy Song.” While the song is amazing, and we can totally relate to the lyrics of, “The world has coalesced into one giant mess of hate & unrest so let’s all sing along a little god damn louder to a happy song,” we still don’t know what the umbrella stands for (new album cover, maybe), so we’re pretty sure the puzzle isn’t finished just yet.



Dear musicians, thank you for providing us entertainment and turning us into detectives in the meantime of waiting for new music during these hot and long summer days. We really appreciate the effort, but also hope you are able to locate your chill by the time winter comes.



Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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