[Daily Discovery] NOTHING

One thing music enthusiasts have been missing out on since the death of record stores is that glorious moment when you fall in love with what’s playing at your favorite record store rather than just hearing about it online. Luckily, there still are a few record stores left (and some new) and that’s when Shazam (or the clerk at the register) is your best friend. Empire Records eat your heart out.

I discovered Philadelphia’s NOTHING a couple of weeks ago as I was shopping at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade. I fell in love with the band’s nostalgia 90’s-esque sound and their immediacy. As “Fever Queen” drew chills up and down my arms, I just had to stay a while and get lost in their new record, Tired of Tomorrow. Think: Catherine Wheel meets everything you’ve ever loved about 90’s grunge, alternative and shoegaze mixed with some lyrical euphoria in the name of catharsis. Basically, these guys are the real deal and not something to be skipping over.

Listen to “Fever Queen” below:

Tired of Tomorrow is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina is the founding editor of The Daily Listening. She's also a professional music nerd for BUZZNET. You'll most likely find her where she finds most of her inspiration: introverting in her bedroom with her music collection and a pair of headphones.