[Daily Discovery] NONA

There is nothing I love more than finding a good ol’ alternative, indie-rock band. Recently, I found a band that definitely lifted my spirits onto this whole sound-discovery journey.

Performing under the moniker NONA, Los Angeles based musician, Michael Goldman, reminds me of the sound of the early years of Rooney. The foundation of NONA is based on feeling the pressure to create and realize something on his own without compromise. There’s a deep rooted self-reflection in each song which inspires a sense of nostalgia.

“Fathers Day” is NONA’s latest release; a lush, mid-tempo track that summarizes the essence of Goldman’s sound and exposes the musical aesthetic he has developed after touring with bands such as Goldroom and The Moth & The Flame.

NONA is the kind of band we perceive as a refreshing, trustworthy and promising one – one we absolutely want to keep our eyes – and ears – on.

Listen to “Fathers Day” below:


Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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