[Daily Discovery] LOV3 MOT3L

Not gonna lie: Things get pretty mundane around here after a while. We get pitch after pitch that usually fall along the same lines of, “check this out!” without much emotion behind them. Today’s Daily Discovery band broke up the monotony for a bit this week and we love them for it.

Meet “noisy dream pop” band, LOV3 MOT3L. They’re big fans of our monthy mixtapes. In fact, band member Alf Ralph (killer name) stated that our mixes have helped him refrain from sobbing on the shoulders of fellow commuters on the way to work. That pretty much sums up our lives at the moment.

The band will be releasing their new album, Outside’s Broken, this May and we thought you should hear buzz track, “Summerfield,” as it’s the perfect introduction track to get you started on these guys.

Listen to “Summerfield” below:

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