Daily Discovery: flor

We here at The Daily Listening believe there is no better feeling than discovering new talent and sharing it with the world. Finding new music leads to the potential of making new memories and filling the listener with hope for better days. The artist you are about to meet does just that. Ear tested, TDL approved!

I had heard a lot about LA’s flor but never actually listened to them until this past weekend. My initial reaction was literally, “Holy f@#$ this is magical!” Naturally, I had to share.

The band recently released their debut EP, Sounds, and tracks like the ever-glowing “Ocean” and new track featured below, “Unsaid,” have the ability to do things to you in a way music has never managed in the past. Jeeze, at least buy me dinner first.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina is the founding editor of The Daily Listening. She's also a professional music nerd for BUZZNET. You'll most likely find her where she finds most of her inspiration: introverting in her bedroom with her music collection and a pair of headphones.