[LISTEN] Earhart – “A Cross”

London’s Earhart are the newest sound on the British music palette. Consisting of frontman Joe Tennant, guitarist Daniel Green, bassist Aaron Dolby and Harry Lane on drums, the quartet recently released their debut single, “A Cross,” via Fauna Records.

With a namesake like aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart (who disappeared during an expedition in 1937) the band also has the mystery of fresh talent around them. With a promising debut single like “A Cross,” Earhart are venturing onto indie-rock territories where the likes of The Technicolors reside – and that is surely a promising sign.

“It’s about self-destruction and resurrection. Detachment from the world. Reflections of an outsider looking in. Trying not to drown in a society of lost souls. A feeling of being the only sane one, and holding on to inner-fire when nothing else matters,”  shared frontman Tennant.

We’re totally here for it!

Listen to “A Cross” below:

Photo by Shane Fennelly

Dóra Udvardi

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