[Daily Discovery] DrawnSword

DrawnSword is the brainchild of London based creative Raffael Scheiber, who recently caught our attention with his against-the-current kind of attitude towards the music that’s out there nowadays.

“I feel like most of the stuff out there at the moment is very one-dimensional and relies on one idea that’s being repeated relentless, because we live in such a snap your finger and demand time. I wanted to create something that offers lots of little nuances and layers to discover at 5th, 6th and later listens while still being poppy and accessible because let’s face it, this is hardly jazz.”

His latest EP, The Path Least Traveled, is material that jumps away from any conventional music style today with influences drawn from various directions. This results in a darker, mostly electronic sound made unique with R&B melodies and dramatic piano – while it all still needs some fine tuning, the effort for experimentation certainly deserves a mention.

Fans of St. Vincent, Gorillaz, Beck and early Twenty One Pilots are going to love this!

Listen below!


Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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