[Daily Discovery] Cherry Pools

We try really hard not to buy into social and commercial pressures but it would be a lie to say that our newest discovery, that we collectively jumped on in awe, is not the most perfect addition to Valentine’s Day…especially when your one true love is music.

Cherry Pools from Toronto, ON are the musical embodiment of walking into the best sweet shop imaginable. Their brand new song, “Are You In Love,” feeds heavily on 80’s synthpop but with a modern twist of pop/rock with lyrics spiced up with dramatics about the big questions in life: “Are you in love with anyone else? Because the thought of it, my dear, might bring me to death,” confesses the chorus.

The accompanying music video was unmistakably directed by Raúl Gonzo, whose remarkable pop-art style and use of bold colors we came to love in SAINTE’s music videos in the past year or so.

And if all the above wasn’t enough to convince you to tune in on this band now, Cherry Pools are about to head on a US tour with dark-pop royalties PVRIS starting February 15!

Are we in love? Absolutely.

Check out the video for “Are You In Love” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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