[Daily Discovery] Ben Foerg & The Absurd

They may hail from one of the largest music scenes in the country, but don’t shove Ben Foerg & The Absurd into a box with all the rest of LA. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Ben Foerg, bassist Josh Loney and drummer Colin Jensen, this trio thrives off of grungy folk and Americana, along with some pretty vast & impressive influences such as MGMT, Bob Dylan, Radiohead and Kurt Vile, just to name a few. The band’s current EP, The Trigger Warning, is a must listen as you prepare for what’s to come from the trio in a couple of months.

Check out “Cat Got Your Tongue” below:

The Trigger Warning is available now here.


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  1. Their music is pretty good, but that ben foerg guy is legitimately a terrible human being. Met him once, such a narcissistic asshole bleh

  2. Killer progression. I hear some Jack White and Grunge influence too.

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