[Daily Discovery] Almost Famous Friends

Hailing from Austin, TX the foursome of Almost Famous Friends is set to conquer the pop-rock world.

If you’re into the old school era of the genre, this band needs to go on your music to-do list. Following the Tides Begin to Turn EP from last year, a full-length debut album I’m Not Who I Want to Be was released last month. The record gives an insight into the band’s lives.

As frontman Tristan Wilson says: “I’m Not Who I Want To Be” is a journey through loss and recovery that we hope our fans can identify with on a personal level.  It’s about relationships and how we react to change and transitions in our lives.  Everyone experiences loss throughout their life: family, friends, jobs, lovers, innocence. As an emotionally fueled group of artists, we want to tell stories that relate how people process that grief, denial, anger, and hope and eventually move forward. Many of our fans talk to us about how when they feel sadness it helps to know someone else has shared that experience and survived. This album is our gift to them.”

And what a nice gift it is! It’s quite the experience to know you’re not alone no matter how bad you think your situation is. This comforting feeling is what brings music in general to the next level.

Check out the video for “All I Can Do” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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