Contact & Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in The Daily Listening! We are honored that you want your music featured by us! Below are a few rules and submission guidelines to follow. Please keep in mind that we get tons of submissions a day and we simply cannot feature or answer everyone. We’re also kinda picky. 😉

We’ve Got New Rules, Now Count ‘Em

As of January 2018, new rules have been implemented here at TDL. Respect is the basis of everything we do and stand for here. If you do not respect us, we cannot work with you. This site is our home and we have every right to decide what’s best for it.

  • DO NOT add us to your mailing list! If we have worked together before and you’d like us to stay updated with future releases, PLEASE ASK FIRST. No one likes spam.
  • DO NOT just shoot off an email with a “Hi there” or a “Hey guys” & a few demands and expect an answer. Who are you? Who do you represent? Would you be embarrassed if your publicist tried to snag you blog coverage in such a lazy way? We appreciate effort and love making real, human connections! Address us personally. There are four of us here and it’s nice to know that you’re not shooting off the same email to tons of other blogs. Lazy emails get automatically sent to spam.
  • DO NOT bombard us with follow-ups. We understand your time is valuable but so is ours. Keep in mind that your emails aren’t the only ones in our inboxes.
  • PLEASE for the love of god, pay attention to any email auto-responders we may have up at the time. If we’re on a break, sending us multiple follow-ups after an explanation of our absence has been sent to you only makes you look bad.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO pitches through social media. Ever.
  • DO NOT send Tina any Buzznet pitches. You wouldn’t email NOISEY for a Rolling Stone feature. Don’t email The Daily Listening for a Buzznet feature.



  • If you’d like to contact a specific writer, please check out our team page for contact info. If the team member you’d like to reach doesn’t have contact info shown, shoot us a request through our main email & Tina will forward it to that writer.
  • Include all relevant links (social media, website, etc) along with a release date for what you’re promoting.
  • Include high-quality press photos.
  • No song attachments. Must be a link to stream on SoundCloud, YouTube or Bandcamp. Please no Spotify links. We love Spotify but not everyone can listen to your music on its platform. We tend to only use these links if there are no other options.
  • Research what we cover before submitting. You’ll be doing us and your music a favor.
  • If we do feature you, please share on as many social media platforms as possible! Word-of-mouth not only helps your fanbase grow, but ours as well!

Anyone who violates any of these guidelines will be ignored. We appreciate people who use common sense and courtesy. Treating us like human beings rather than robots will get you further and makes everything a lot brighter here.

Email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Want to write for us?

Thank you for your interest in us! You’ll not only be joining a team of passionate individuals who care deeply about music but you’ll also become a part of our movement and our family. We’re all about positive vibes here so if you’re looking for a safe place that rises above the usual politics of music writing, this is the place to be!

Email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!