Coasts Announce Debut Album Details

I first discovered the UK’s Coasts back in the summer of 2013 – their ever-catchy single, “Oceans,” has been a top contender in just about every playlist I’ve made since then. Needless to say, I am thrilled that the band have finally announced that the official US release date for their self-titled debut album is November 6! Check out the rad album art and track listing below.


1. Oceans

2. Wolves

3. You

4. Modern Love

5. Lions

6. Stay

7. A Rush of Blood

8. Your Soul

9. Wash Away

10. Tonight

11. Wallow*

12. Let Go*

13. Golden City*

14. As Long As I Need You*

15. See How*

16. Stone*

*Deluxe tracks only

Pre-order now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina is the founding editor of The Daily Listening. She's also a professional music nerd for BUZZNET. You'll most likely find her where she finds most of her inspiration: introverting in her bedroom with her music collection and a pair of headphones.