Chloe’s Top 5 Albums of 2015

I honestly can’t believe that we are so close to saying goodbye to another year! What happened?! 2015 was nothing short of amazing, especially when it came down to the music the year gave us. I’ve been listening to a variety of music lately, so choosing 5 albums that I found outshone the rest was a challenge! I wanted to showcase as much of that variety as possible within my Top 5! There is honestly a little bit of everything in this tiny list, I never seem to stick to a certain genre or style. I hope that my list inspires you to venture out to the farthest corners of music and discover something you never thought existed.

5. The Devil Makes Three – I’m a Stranger Here (Deluxe)

Released: 03.06.15


I fell in love with The Devil Makes Three early on this year. My brother introduced me to their old time sound and I’ve been hooked ever since. This Americana group mixes a bit of everything into their music. From bluegrass to rockabilly to blues, it’s all there. The first set of songs that pulled me into their sound was “Poison Trees” and “Black Irish” and its been insta-love ever since. Technically speaking the album I’m a Stranger Here came out in 2013, however it’s deluxe version was released in 2015 so it qualifies! I think I’ve listened to “Dragging Chains” more times than I can remember; it’s the perfect calm kind of song in my crazy life as of late.

4. Lone Beach – Where it Begins

Released: 11.27.15


Lone Beach is an upcoming musician based out of Ontario, Canada. His stellar debut EP, Where It Begins was actually just launched a few weeks ago, but when I started listening to it I was captivated instantly. The rhythmic, airiness of sound transposes throughout the entire album and for me, it lifts my spirits every time I listen to it. My two favourite songs off the album “Lights” and “Home” both have a sense of serenity to them that are unmatched. They make you feel like you can breathe again, plus the hints of guitar and banjo in the two songs are just genius in my opinion. Go listen to this EP and hear for yourself! I’m so excited to see where the world will take Lone Beach and what the new year has in store for his talent.

3. Lettuce – Crush

Released: 11.06.15


This Boston/Brooklyn funk band has a sound that is seriously like no other. I came across Lettuce while searching up some instrumental music that I could listen in the background while working on projects. However, I ended up not getting anything done and listening to their discography over and over instead. Their recent album Crush has a diverse energy about it. The group mixes all sorts of sounds into this album like funk, jazz, and even a bit of hip hop. Specifically in the song “Phyllis,” the crisp guitar riffs go up against the moody breakdowns of a hip hop beat and come together to create a masterpiece all on its own. It’s a slick new sound for a band that’s been around since 1992. Check out “Silverdome” too if you want your socks blown off. Just saying.

2. The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn

Released 09.18.16


What? Dodge and Burn is in my top 5? What a shocker there! Everyone who knows me knows that I have a high respect for any band attached to Jack White. So when The Dead Weather announced their new album this year, I was pretty damn happy. Their hard-hitting sound is what keeps me going some days. However the song that resonated with me the most off of this album was the very opposite of the gritty, raw noise that I had grown to love. “The Impossible Winner” is so fresh sounding it took my ears a moment to adjust. Allison Mosshart’s voice is so clear and clean, when paired along with the piano and violin it really stands on its own but still keeps that Dead Weather/Third Man feel to it. Honestly I’ve learned to expect the unexpected from Jack White, the little taste of contrast is what I love most about the album by far.

1. Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia

Released: 11.23.15


The Foo Fighters: they’re rock legends, ambassadors and role models for music lovers everywhere. I’m pretty sure if Dave Grohl wrote a jingle for a cat food commercial, it would be a hit without a doubt. Their dynamic has kept them writing killer tunes for years upon years now and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Their most recent EP, Saint Cecilia, was released freely into the world as a sign of gratitude towards Foo Fighters fans everywhere and was received with open arms. The title track “Saint Cecilia” is one of my favourites along with “Sean” – the two songs in my opinion represent the Foo Fighters and that same dynamic so well.

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Chloe Skowron

Chloe Skowron

Chloe is a graphic designer/illustrator from Canada. She is a music lover at heart and enjoys cosplaying and talking about all things nerdy in her spare time.