[Album Review] Twin Atlantic – ‘GLA’

Little did we know when Twin Atlantic started teasing for possible new material at the start of summer that we would hold our copies in our hands by September. An average Friday majorly improved by the release of the Scottish rockers brand new effort, GLA.

Compared to the 2014 release of a more poppy Great Divide, this new record leans more towards a heavier, grunge sound – which seems to be coming back not only in fashion but in music as well. “No Sleep” could easily pass as a 90’s blast from the past but with a modern touch. “Overthinking” (one of my favourites) and “Ex El” are rather abstract, Cage The Elephant– like indie tracks; very unusual from Twin Atlantic yet it works well with this new era of the band.

While they sadly don’t deliver an “Oceans”-level of you’ll cry your heart out ballad this time, “A Scar to Hide” accompanied by a symphonic orchestra still happens to be the most beautiful track of the record if not the most heartfelt. That title goes to closing track “Mother Tongue” – an ode to the band’s Scottish roots, just like the album title reflects to their hometown of Glasgow, therefore making it a fitting conclusion.

While it is very likely to find similarities to other artists in various genres, even to their homies from Biffy Clyro as “Whispers” kicks off, they still managed to keep what makes them Twin Atlantic in the first place and GLA is great installment of their musical evolution.

GLA is out now via Red Bull Records!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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