[Album Review] Trash Boat – ‘Nothing I Write You Will Change What You’ve Been Through’

The county of Hertfordshire in England will forever have a special place in my heart as a former resident, and because it has produced great musical talent over the years: Lower Than Atlantis and James Bay being some of my biggest favourites.

Trash Boat hail from the quaint little town of Saint Albans and are one of the newest faces of British rock you should keep an eye on. Their debut album, Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through, is a promising effort of loud drums and guitar tunes that remind of teenage angst and memories of when punk-rock was a means of escape from the world. I might not be into the genre that much lately (blame it on old age and changing times, really) but surely this record can find its way into the hearts of young music lovers. What stood out the most, to me, is the anthemic chorus on “Eleven” and the way “Second Wind” brings major throwback to the old-school sound of aforementioned Lower Than Atlantis – if you miss that, you’ll love this song.

Pure madness is “Pangaea” midway through the record. It’s the heaviest track with a sick guitar solo at the end. Frank Carter and his Rattlesnakes can run for their money, as these kids can properly smash as well! The dreamy “Things We Leave Behind” feels a little big out of context compared to the rest of the record, as it leads up to and connects with the next track. However, short interludes like this one would totally work in a different album structure.

If you are wondering where the album title comes from, you’ll find the answer in “Brave Face.” The song might not be the happiest, yet that line senses the sort of positivity that no matter what she’s been through, he will always be there even if he is not much of a help in that moment.

And finally, one quality I will forever dislike in this genre – and I only realized it now – is the use of the melancholic backing vocals that are completely off harmony with the rest of the song to my ears; here, both “Catharsis” and “The Guise of a Mother” has it. I simply cannot stand it.

Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through is out June 17 via Hopeless Records.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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