[Album Review] ROMES – ‘ROMES’

What this world needs right now is some feel-good indie-pop. Look no further than Toronto-based fourpiece, ROMES.

Comprised of Jacob Alexander, Nicolas Amadeus, James Tebbitt and Andrew Keyes, the childhood friends met while attending school in Ireland as they connected over their love for rock music, soon turning that mutual affection into something more, leading us to present day on the release of the band’s self-titled debut album. It’s beautiful how these relationships are formed.

After the success of their 2016 Believe EP, the band set out to capture the essence of that high all while harnessing their unique take on alternative-pop. Deliriously catchy as it is infectious, the signature ROMES vibe runs rampant throughout the band’s debut, keeping listeners on their toes as they deliver an exceptional record.

Kicking off the dance party is “Believe” – a track about none other than believing in yourself and what you have to offer despite the judgements from others. There’s no denying the feel-good vibes radiating off of “When The Night Comes” and current banger, “Tryna Be” – both tracks heavy in the synth department while adding in a splash of pop & R&B for good measure. Once “Déjà Vu” comes into play, you’re hooked for life! Not mad.

Previously unreleased tracks, “Unstoppable” and “On Top” carry the album into a new dimension while ballad “In The Wild” and the hook-laden “Spend The Night” can best be described as a musical roller coaster we have no intention of leaving. Pair that with “Summer Sound” and you’ve got yourself a ticket to a few more weeks of fun in the sun.

Album highlight is the indie gem “Someone,” which made it to our favorites list earlier this year. Playing on the theme of anxiety triggering feelings of insecurity where one is unable to express their emotions to someone special, this just might be the anthem of our generation.

Closing out the record is the Walk The Moon-esque “Can’t Get Enough” where questions of unrecognized love play a major role while the anxieties of previous relationships stick around for another go. Somehow, it seems we still can’t get enough of love or the concept of it no matter how many times we’ve been burned.

Needless to say, ROMES have unleashed an exciting debut to go along with their positive nature. It really doesn’t get any better than that, folks!

ROMES’ self-titled debut is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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