Album Review: Kodaline’s ‘Coming Up For Air’

By now, I’m pretty sure a bunch of you have heard about Kodaline. These Irish lads have worked so hard on making their way out on the bigger music scene. A couple of days ago they officially released their sophomore album titled, Coming Up For Air.

If you listen to their debut album In A Perfect World you’ll notice it was more of an acoustic sound even though they featured the track “A Love Like This” which was pretty much a folk song. Compare it with Coming Up For Air, the change in sound is pretty obvious; yes, it is actually a bit different but it’s cool. I’ve seen/read interviews where lead singer Steve Garrigan mentions, “We didn’t want to make the same album again,” and that’s quite the reason to prove what the band is capable of.

Through a journey of deep and relatable lyrics, I’d say there’s not even one song you might not like on this album. You get to listen to the band’s signature soft sound in tracks such as “Honest” and “The One,” being on the rise lately since it’s a cute love/wedding song, but at the same time you get a track like “Human Again” which mixes Garrigan’s vocals with a killer bass line and guitar leads.

Next up you get the track “Lost” which is exactly what I’m talking about when I say their sound is different and it’s powerful, the lyrics are honest and relatable. To me, it speaks about something we’re all exposed to experience in some point of our lives. “Love Will Set You Free” literally made me shed a few tears; it is pretty touchy and beautiful along with “Moving On.” Another one of my favorites on the album is definitely “Unclear” where you can point out how good Steve is with falsettos and these just give the song a vulnerable vibe. Add a kids choir and you get quite a beautiful, stellar track.

Kodaline is clearly making their own way to be one of the next big things through their hard work. The band is currently embarking on their North American Tour promoting their new record. You can see all the dates and where they’re playing here and I absolutely suggest you go see them if you have the chance.

Coming Up For Air is also available on iTunes for purchase and if you’re more into streaming albums, you can look for it on Spotify as well. Whatever you choose it is okay as long as you listen. 😉


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Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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