[Album Review] Dua Lipa – ‘Dua Lipa’

Teasing the album since September of 2016, Dua Lipa has finally released her wildly anticipated self titled album in hopes the world will take a piece of her heart as their own.

As soon as the album begins, it’s clear that Lipa wants to account for her deepest thoughts for her listeners; narrating her journey through sound. The first track, “Genesis,” is an upbeat introduction to Lipa’s deep soulful tone and her own unmatched version of “pop” in an ever-changing genre. As a wiz with the pen, Lipa becomes inventive and samples an infamous piece of the bible, Genesis, to describe a love that feels godly.

Setting herself apart, Lipa continues with a trio of her released singles. “Lost In Your Light,” a collaboration with Miguel, illustrating her impeccable ability to duet with different vocal styles, “Hotter Than Hell,” and “Be The One.”

Lipa has always made her defining mark with her singles; gaining, developing, and building personal relationships with her fan base that just keeps growing.

Up next, Dua Lipa gets pissed off.

Now that we’re already obsessed with Lipa’s tone and vulnerable lyrical storytelling, Lipa wants to make sure her listeners become quite familiar with her bold and cheeky side. “IDGAF” diverts away from her encompassing vulnerability to take her listeners far beyond the surface to a time of anger and frustration.

Following “IDGAF,” Lipa continues this narrative with “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” – one of her most popular singles, to reaffirm the idea that she is unapologetically herself in a space where people want to change her.

Continuing with biblical exploration in her lyrics, Lipa moves back into Genesis in “Garden,” to describe a love centered in the Garden of Eden, infamously known as a paradise. Setting the tone for an array of ballads to follow like “No Goodbyes.”

After showcasing her powerhouse vocals, a lyrical awareness to what flows and a defining pop sound, it was only a matter of time before Lipa experimented with genres. To multiply her versatility to new lengths, Lipa tries her hand at an R&B acoustic in “Thinking ‘Bout You” – a track almost melty to the ear.

“New Rules” follows, in which she explores her capabilities on an electronic track aligning her vocals with the sharp melodic changes perfectly.

As the final upbeat song, “Begging” stays true to the style of sound she created before Lipa takes us on an emotional roller coaster during “Homesick” – a soft and slow ballad featuring Chris Martin from the critically acclaimed band, Coldplay. Effortlessly telling us the story of finding something to believe in within a dark place of longing and wondering.

Dua Lipa’s self titled album is a unique and undoubtedly an exceptional exchange of lyrics, melodies, tones, and more; establishing an unforgettable experience for listening everywhere.

The deluxe version featuring five bonus songs is also available for streaming.

Alexis Hinnant

Alexis Hinnant

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