[Album Review] COUNTERFEIT. – ‘Together We Are Stronger’

The time has finally come to see British actor Jamie Campbell Bower become the full-time rock star he was always meant to be – something we’ve all been waiting on for a while now.

Along with his mates Tristan Marmont, Roland Johnson, Jimmy Craig and younger brother Sam Bower, the band COUNTERFEIT. was formed. The band had spent quite some time on the road and releasing EPs which built up the hype towards the debut album that Together We Are Stronger eventually became.

Its best features lie within the angsty yet rebellious lyrics and the bursting instrumental energy that brings a sort of realization: despite many amazing releases in the rock category lately, most of them are lacking the impulse that makes you want to smash guitars and do circle pits. It hits right in the face as the record starts out with “Washed Out” and the whole thing just gets better and better with each listen. “You Can’t Rely” instantly got me hooked with the structure of the verses and the way it ends up in this massive chorus.

“London’s calling and can’t you see the fear in my eyes” – these lyrics in “As Yet Untitled” describe London-living perfectly but don’t let the self-doubt in it fool you. It’s as vicious as it gets; together with “Enough,” they form the two main anthems of the album and give a clear picture that COUNTERFEIT don’t mess around.

I love how “Lost Everything” is built up to be a theatrical track, with a lonely vocal solo in the bridge, then back to one gigantic chorus and it suddenly shuts down leaving the void behind. It’s like Bring Me The Horizon’s “It Never Ends” meets Biffy Clyro.

The last track, “Letters to the Lost,”  is a one man, one electric guitar, raw + emotional singalong – totally influenced by Frank Carter in the best way possible. It lets you wind down in the end and sits in perfect contrast with the rest of this brilliant debut.

COUNTERFEIT are here and rising fast. You shouldn’t miss out on them. The debut album Together We Are Stronger is out now!

P.S: Already tested and experienced, COUNTERFEIT murdered these new songs live at their intimate album launch party in London last Friday. They are definitely one to catch playing live.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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