[Album Review] CHVRCHES – ‘Every Open Eye’

CHVRCHES are officially gracing the airwaves with synth-pop anthems again after one of the most successful debuts of 2013. Their sophomore record, Every Open Eye, is the follow-up everyone was so eager for to hear and it has finally dropped today, providing an exciting, fresh musical experience for those that grew up on 80’s-pop, while also capturing the attention of the younger generation, since trends from twenty-or-so years ago are in again these days.

Although there hasn’t been major change in the sound, it still got more significant – or more CHVRCHES-like if you wish. Opening track “Never Ending Circles” gets straight to business and the same energy floats through “Leave a Trace” and “Keep You On My Side.” Lyrics like, “We will take the best parts of ourselves and make them gold,” will motivate the listener to believe it will get better- you just have to fight for it a little.

As much as Lauren Mayberry’s angelic vocals define the band, the downbeat, longing after something that’s long gone kind of track, “High Enough to Carry You Over” wouldn’t have worked out without vocals from Martin Doherty. It is definitely the most favourite – alongside with “Bury It.” What a first verse that song has!

“Cover up that you’re ruthless/Nobody’s ever gonna notice”

The opening beats of “Down Side of Me” will suck you in and trick you into thinking it might be a typical song for night drives. It’s more than that: it can also be interpreted as a haunting ballad about a relationship where the parties mutually support each other during hard times.


Picking the last track for a record is just as crucial as the first one, if not more. It either has to be a true banger or one that kicks you right in the feelings. “Afterglow” is the latter (and I also tend to fall for this option lately). It has the simplest structure of all yet puts the crown on to the whole album with its theatrical sound and those lyrics. Now, can someone take CHVRCHES to a church (that’s a double pun intended) with great acoustics and make them play it on the organ live, please – I know the perfect place!

Every Open Eye is available now here.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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