[ALBUM REVIEW] BØRNS – ‘Blue Madonna’

It often feels like BØRNS has been summoned from the gods of music’s past to come and rescue us from the monotony of what we call life and our current political climate.

The indie-pop rocker’s 2015 debut, Dopamine, was exactly what the doctor ordered but the singer’s new concoction, Blue Madonna, takes things to a whole other level of euphoria that we didn’t think quite existed yet. Yeah, it’s that good.

Leaving all the rules at the door, Garrett Borns has turned life as we know it into an intricate canvas to paint our own interpretations as we see fit. Brimming with the singer’s signature electro-pop boldness and candy-coated dreams of all things wild and carefree, Blue Madonna is the savior we have been waiting so desperately for.

Starting off with a powerful collaboration with alternative queen, Lana Del Rey, on “God Save Our Young Blood,” elements of a hostile climate come into play as we so desperately pray for an end to all the injustices and pain. Things quickly shift in “Faded Heart” – our first taste of the singer’s new chapter released last summer.

The ‘holy shit’ factor kicks in once “Sweet Dreams” starts up and continues right into the psychedelic gem that is “We Don’t Care” and album highlight, “Man,” where scintillating synths take over your headspace and there’s no way out. Not like we were looking for one anyway.

“Iceberg” sees the singer exploring new soundscapes reminiscent of some Tame Impala while “Second Night Of Summer” explores the singer’s lyrical genius with quotable one liners (“She’s always had a soul like cellophane”) too irresistible to not share cryptically around social media.

Perhaps the album’s biggest potential hit is breakup anthem “I Don’t Want U Back” with all its resistance and grit. However, the interlude of “Tension” is so on point it really should have been an extension of its predecessor.

Things get even more exciting with “Supernatural” but the surprise really comes with title track “Blue Madonna” as we get uncredited guest vocals from none other than (SPOILER ALERT!) Lana Del Rey! Just like that, all of your collaboration dreams have come true, and it’s only January!

The most lyrically striking moment comes with album closer, “Bye-bye Darling,” as we wave farewell to the things that once made us human as we step into a bleak future of screens and fake emotions. Once the last note plays, reality hits and that, my friends, is when it’s time to press play again. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Blue Madonna is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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