[Album Review] Against The Current – ‘In Our Bones’

It is easy to assume Against The Current as just another female fronted Paramore-copycat band at first glance.  Despite bringing major throwback feelings to the good old hey-days of pop-rock (when Hey Monday and Boys Like Girls had our hearts, and All Time Low were only that small band from Baltimore), the release of the debut album In Our Bones proves they have got so much more to offer!

It seems as if the record has two main qualities: one with the super upbeat pop-rock anthems and one with a darker, more synth driven sound. Almost like they couldn’t decide which direction to go with…strangely enough, this is what makes Against The Current exciting  – and we haven’t even talked about lyrics yet.

Standardization of the masses/Give us a number fail or pass us” – opening track “Running With The Wild Things” hits right in the middle, discussing a society that kills the individual. “Forget Me Now” may be happier in sound (definitely a summer anthem) but it still flips the bird to all those that didn’t believe in one’s success yet re-surface once you’re looking down from the skyline, dancing on the moonlight. The Green Day reference did not go unnoticed either.

“Chasing Ghosts” is where the album first surprises the listener. It turns towards the darker direction as it tells the story of a relationship gone wrong – I love the lines of “Now we’re just passing by/Two shipwrecks in the night.” Seemingly, “One More Weekend” hits the same notes and it still gets huge by the chorus. It might not be my favourite track but I do appreciate a great chorus. I am definitely going to use the “Hey! Yo, I’m back home for the weekend”- line to hit old buddies up when I visit home this summer. We would also sing the title track “In Our Bones” by a bonfire…if we actually shared the same music taste. Anyway, this is my most favourite song off the whole record. The simplicity of the instruments and the highly visual lyrics collide into such cuteness that I haven’t felt with a song in a long time.

Higher energies pick up again by mid-record. “Young & Relentless” and “Runaway” will surely make you get on your feet and dance. When it comes to sad-time during this album cycle, it has to be the ballad of “Brighter” to become the next single – “It’s a brand new day/It’s never too late to start” is good reminder for all procrastinators out there to get to work, or just simply a heads-up on bad days.

Electronica clearly takes over by the last few tracks; “Wasteland” being the absolute ringleader. Any trance music maker would be jealous of this one. It might be because of the similarities, however, “Blood Like Gasoline” with Lynn Gunn of PVRIS joining in for a sing-off at the bridge could’ve been considered when the song was recorded. Just sayin.’ I am not sure how to feel about “Roses” yet. The U2-esque guitar riff is cool and also a little but out of place compared to the rest of the song. Closing track “Demons” proves the poly-basic being of the record once again. It is the electronic equivalent of In Our Bones, closing off this fantastic debut in form of a dreamy, sad lullaby.

In Our Bones is available now here.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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