Acoustic Vibes: “Art Of Moving On” by Heffron Drive

Just in case you haven’t heard about them yet, Heffron Drive is a pop band from Burbank, California. They released their debut album Happy Mistakes back in September. Later this month, we’re getting an exclusive unplugged version of said album and the first tease of how it’s going to be came out last week with the release of what seems to be the first one of a series of a couple of videos recorded exclusively to promote their unplugged album.

The album will feature the 10 tracks included on the regular edition of Happy Mistakes and surprise, surprise! they’ve got one special guest collab on “Passing Time” with Big Time Rush’s former member, *drumrolls please* Logan Henderson! If that doesn’t make you even more excited, I don’t know what else will.

“Art Of Moving On” is a single from their debut album, and personally, my favourite track so far. It is touchy and catchy and it’s pretty much impossible not to fall in love with the lyrics and rhythm.


Happy Mistakes: Unplugged will be released on April 28th and it’s gonna be available on iTunes worldwide! Also, the band is doing a “Heffron Drive: Unplugged Album & Video Release” at The Mint in Los Angeles on April 30th so if you happen to live in that area, get your tickets here.

We’re for sure stoked to hear this whole new version of the album and see what’s coming next for the talented guys in Heffron Drive.

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