Acoustic Vibes: 5 Tracks To Bring On The Fall Feels

September is here and the summer heat is (finally!) going away for a while, and with that comes the beginning of my favorite season of fall. But with fall also comes this kinda weird feeling about being a lil’ bit more sensitive than I already am. There’s a couple of reasons that come to my mind as of why I get these feelings and why I still care about certain things. Music has a kind of way to get straight to my feelings and has the ability to put my thoughts into the words I cannot find. In other words, fall is the perfect season to get into acoustic vibes.

The following 5 tracks are some of my personal favorites. Whether I still can relate to the lyrics or not, these tunes automatically take me to a lovely autumn scenario and in my head I’m maybe dramatically looking through a window [or shamelessly staring at nothing, getting lost in my own head] with a good ol’ cup of coffee in my hands, getting drowned in my own feelings.

“Visions” – The Maine

Regardless of The Maine being my all time favorite band, there’s something about this song that is way too important to me. John O’Callaghan has this amazing talent where he has such a lovely way with words that accurately describes the most human feelings. This track came out at a really important time in my life, and even then, I knew I’d never be able to hear it again without thinking about how I felt back then.

“Talk” – Kodaline

Seems to me that, lately, I haven’t been able to shut up about these Irish lads but I’m honestly (no pun intended) not even sorry about it. This track, featured on their debut album In A Perfect World speaks to me on a level I can’t really quite put down in words. You can listen to it and give it whatever meaning you want to, or whatever meaning off of a certain situation you relate it to. The lyrics in this one are meaningful and kinda meant to make you feel all the feels specially if you know what being let down in a relationship is.

“Art Of Moving On” – Heffron Drive

This song came out (unofficially) around the same time of The Maine’s “Visions,” which automatically made it an easy one to get hooked on. This track features meaningful lyrics that are easy to relate to. The version you’re about to hear is the unplugged one, since the band decided to release their full debut album Happy Mistakes as a special acoustic edition. Kendall Schmidt’s vocals make it an easy song to listen to, the rhythm matches the feel the song is intended to give to you.

“Let It Go” – James Bay

There’s no doubt that James Bay’s taking the world by storm. The amount of times I’ve played this one song in the last couple weeks is probably insane, but I guess that’s what happens when a song hits its target. I’ll admit I don’t potentially relate to the song, but what I do know is that I feel this connection to the song in the way that it just hits me right in the feels. There’s no need to explain the lyrics, you’ll see why, but this song is definitely the expression of an honest feeling, and if you’ve ever felt like that or you’re actually feeling that, there’s no doubt you’ll love it.

“Clarity” – Zedd ft. Foxes

The song that pretty much got all of us hooked on Zedd back in 2012. To me, this has to be one of the greatest Zedd songs, and I cannot even begin to explain why I like it so much. When he released the acoustic version the music nerd in me literally exploded into happiness, because there’s nothing in the world I adore more than an acoustic version of my favorite songs. This is really good, not only because the song itself is already good, but is proof of the great talent that both Foxes and Zedd possess.

As I found myself building this list, I realized most of the songs are kinda sad or negative but oddly enough, I’m not currently in that state of emotion and I’m usually a happy gal. I just happen to be one overly-sensitive soul and whether I talk about it or not, these songs have their meaning because they once represented my own feelings (and if they didn’t, I just happen to like them a lot, I don’t even know why.)

Now, I’m curious and I’d really like to know, what are some of your favorite feel-y fall songs? Be kind, and share your thoughts! 🙂


Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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