About Us

It all started when owner and creator, Tina Roumeliotis, was just a kid with a stereo. She’d escape to her bedroom after a long day at school and put her records on (or cassettes…it was the 90’s) to drown out the nonsense. As she got older, Tina started to find comfort in the music; it wasn’t just background noise anymore. Now she had a companion to lie on the floor with. With lyric booklet in hand, she allowed the music to tell her a story while searching for her own truth. Suddenly, she wasn’t so alone anymore and her love affair with music continued to grow. It has now flourished into a full blown nuptial that she never plans on abandoning.

While writing for multiple music sites for about three years, Tina decided it was time to take her relationship with music to the next level and start breeding something of her own – hence, the birth of The Daily Listening in 2015.

For music enthusiasts everywhere, our stories all start out similar. We’re captivated by a sound that is tailored to our emotional needs. Music holds a force we cannot contain and we’re often in awe of how it finds us at the most impeccable time; how it grabs us and allows us to feel out all of the uncomfortable grey matter we’ve been afraid of sifting through. For us, music is not about the scene but about what is heard. It’s about the connection between the song and listener.

The Daily Listening is a no-nonsense music site dedicated to cultivating a community of music enthusiasts. No gimmicks. No negativity. We are the ones diving into our music collections on our bedroom floors, excited to share what we’ve discovered. We are here to thrust open the doors of success for artists trying to break out of their dungeons of obscurity – unless of course, you like that sort of thing. Our mission is to bring back those heartfelt conversations about music that have been drowned out with talks of chart success and industry minutiae.

Music is personal. Don’t let anyone tell you it shouldn’t be.

Listen. Love. Share. Repeat.




“There’s beauty in having the platform to tell people about music that you love. You’re a messenger, you’re turning people on to things they wouldn’t have heard otherwise. I wanted people to appreciate the songs the way I did, whether they interpreted them the same way or not. You’re giving people context and framework. You’re constructing a narrative.” – Matt Pinfield

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  1. Great story about the impact music had on you as you grew up. I find your story is similar to mine and I owe a lot to music, especially throughout my formative years.

  2. Really great words ‘music is not about the scene but about what is heard. It’s about the connection between the song and listener’. Glad I found your site :).