5 Reasons To Fall In Love with James Bay

This pretty good song has been playing every single time I’ve turned the radio on lately. It seemed only inevitable for James Bay to not to rule my current playlist. Here are the reasons you should listen to his music, as well.

The Voice – One of the things that get me first when it comes to new artists is how they sound. Mr. Bay has a roughness to his vocals which makes him stand out and be a worthy follow-up to the likes of young male vocalists coming out of the UK recently.

The Guitar – A single acoustic guitar would be enough equipment to accompany him on his musical journey. Sometimes, great singing voice and guitar skills are the way to go –especially if you’d like to get more emotions out of a song.

The Lyrics – From an artist that is surely going mainstream and getting bigger attention these days, it is huge deal to hear such deep, meaningful lyrics all the way through the album. A melancholic song is what brings the best out of these, usually, but I’m loving it on the upbeat ones as well.

The Live Performance – Haven’t got the chance to see James Bay live yet, but I believe it should be one of those events where you simply don’t distract yourself with taking photos, for the sake of living every single moment of it. Well, this applies for other gigs, too.

And This – If the above wasn’t convincing enough…


Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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