5 Bands To Fall In Love With This Summer

Summer is finally here and there’s plenty of time to do fun stuff, relax, and why not? Amplify your music collection. When I was still a college student, the only part I liked about summer (because I really, really hate hot and humid weather) was staying up late listening to some cool bands and watching their videos on YouTube (such a nerd I know, I know…)

I’m always up for discovering new music and while some acts may be brand new and some may have been out there for a while, I’m also always up for sharing their talent and talking about them with my closest friends. This year is no exception. Here I’m gonna talk about 5 bands I’d like anyone to hear before summer ends. I’m sure they’ll make your summer better!


1. The Technicolors

The Technicolors are an alternative rock band from Arizona. They’ve been recently gaining themselves quite a dedicated fanbase thanks to being on tour with 8123 label-mates The Maine and This Century. They have been a band for quite a few years now, but even since late last year they’ve been able to put out new material, such as their recently released EP titled Ultraviolet Disguise. To me, they have that kind of 90’s grungy vibe that will get you hooked.

Must Listen: “Tonight You’re Mine”


2. Years&Years

Years&Years is an electro pop band that, even though they released their first singles between 2012 and 2013, it wasn’t until last year when they put out their singles “Real” and “Desire” that you started to hear them almost everywhere you go. The London three-piece is currently promoting their upcoming debut album Communion which is due to be out on July 10 and for what they have currently put out from it, there’s not a single bad song on it. I love listening to them while I’m working, so there’s no reason you guys won’t love’em as well.

Must Listen: “King”


3. Young Wonder

Don’t you just love when you happen to bump into a band you weren’t looking for but somehow, you end up being thankful you gave them a chance? Young Wonder happens to be one of those bands. I’ve always had and will always have a soft spot and weakness listening to whatever band or singer comes out from Europe (mostly from the UK/Ireland tho). Young Wonder is an electronic-pop duo from Cork, Ireland. Their long-awaited debut album Birth came out on May 18 and they also have two amazing EPs out. They remind me of The Postal Service in some kind of way and their style is not only bass-drop amazing, it combines that same bass drop with wonderful vocals and lyrics.

Must Listen: “Sweet Dreaming”


4. Redlands

Though you’re probably familiar with Redlands from our previous posts, there’s not a single reason why they shouldn’t be on this list.

Formed back in 2014, Redlands is a really talented indie-rock band from Denver that within their first year as a band, landed a spot on last year’s Vans Warped Tour and this year’s South By So What!? Festival. They’re currently promoting their sophomore release titled Adventurer from which they’ve released a couple singles such as “Top Shelf Liquor” and “Hollow Bodies.” This record was co-written with This Century members Sean and Alex Silverman, and was produced by Matt Malpass who has also worked with bands such as Copeland, Manchester Orchestra and Lydia.

Must Listen: “Adventurer”


5. The Academic

Did I mention my soft spot for Irish/UK bands? Yes? Okay… The Academic is an Irish 4 piece band that’s totally going to take the world by storm. During the last year, the band has been able to play major festivals, open for bands such as Kodaline and The Pixies and all of this without having a proper debut album and if that isn’t big enough of a reason for you to check them out, I don’t know what else will.

Luckily for all of us, the band counts with a debut single called “Different’” which was released in early March, featuring a healthy dose of indie rock you absolutely need in your life. I’m excited to see what these guys will come up with in the future and that’s why I’d really love if you guys fall in love with them just as I did when I first listened to them.

Must Listen: “Different”


What are you listening to this summer?

Naty Cuéllar

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